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Book Information
Author: Joy R. Butler

Category: Law/Reference
Format: 498 pp.; hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9672940-6-3
Pub Date: January 2015

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Contests and Sweepstakes Law
A Guide Through the Legal Jungle®
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Why a Book about Contests and Sweepstakes Laws?
The sponsor of a contest or sweepstakes must comply with an assortment of federal and state laws. Whether you need in-depth information about the laws governing promotions or you seek quick, practical answers to your immediate questions, this book is a valuable starting point.

Who Needs This Information?
This book is for all groups and persons who offer promotions as well as for the attorneys, contest administrators, and other professionals who support promotion sponsors.

This Book Features the Following Resources:

  • A detailed checklist that helps readers spot legal issues and then refers them to subsequent portions of the book for greater explanation

  • An overview of the United States federal and state laws that govern contests, sweepstakes, and other prize promotions

  • A separate summary for each state outlining the specific laws most relevant to promotions in that state including registration, bonding and disclosure requirements

  • Best practice suggestions for promotions that incorporate social media, user generated content, public voting, children as participants, direct mail, prize awards of real estate and travel, charitable causes, and entry fees

  • Methods for structuring and administering promotions in a manner that minimizes the risks of problems from inadvertent mistakes, winner disputes, ties, copyright issues, public relations mishaps, fraud, and other legal issues

  • Guidance for multiple types of promotions including skill-based contests, in-package sweepstakes, fantasy sports competitions, raffles, bingo, cause marketing, and broadcast station-sponsored promotions

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About the Author
Author Joy R. Butler is an attorney who assists contests and sweepstakes sponsors as part of her transactional and advisory law firm practice. . Read Ms. Butler's full bio.

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